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Mysterious Mrauk U

5 days in Myanmar
Sittwe – Mrauk U – Sittwe

In remote western Myanmar lie the remnants of Mrauk U, the capital city of a powerful ancient kingdom that once ruled 1600 kilometres of coastal territory with its huge naval fleet. The ancient temples of the city remain nestled among a collection of small villages in a scenic landscape of narrow valleys and low hills. This trip will take you to the town of Sittwe on the coast of Rakhine State, from which you will embark on a boat journey upriver to mysterious Mrauk U. After exploring the timeless temples of the city, you will travel north to visit ethnic Chin villages, where women practice the curious tradition of wearing facial tattoos of various patterns. The return trip from Mrauk U will take you back downriver to Sittwe, where you will linger long enough to take in the atmosphere of this busy port town.


• Float upriver to Mrauk U from Sittwe on the Kaladan River, past villages where people use traditional
   farming and fishing techniques

• Explore the enigmatic remnants of Mrauk U, including Laungbyanpauk Temple, Dukkanthin Pagoda,
   sprawling Kothaung Pagoda and the old palace site

• Learn about the history of the mighty Rakhine kingdoms that once ruled the land and sea in the region

• Observe the lifestyles of the local inhabitants of villages in and around the Mrauk U area

• Travel north towards the border of Bangladesh to see ethnic Chin villages rarely visited by tourists,
   where many of the women are adorned with beautiful facial tattoos

• Absorb the distinctly Rakhine flavour of Sittwe, with its spicy food, marine fishing culture and markets
    filled with goods imported from Bangladesh


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