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A personal message from May, founder of Myanmar Wonders .

At Myanmar Wonders, we are serious about the business of travel. We are a boutique travel agency dedicated to providing personalised tours that reveal Myanmar’s most beautiful hidden corners, giving you an insider’s view of the country and its culture. Our clients ask for the best possible service, and we strive to deliver even more than you ask for.

I was born and raised in Myanmar. Prior to launching Myanmar Wonders, I spent seven years working in the hotels and tourism industry, including three years as the general manager of a boutique hotel in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. I owe my professional development during this period to my emphasis on client relations and client satisfaction, a focus that remains a top priority for me.

With my husband, Philippe (who has also spent many years working in hotels and tourism), I have had the opportunity to travel and live in many different countries. This has given me the chance to experience many new cultures, meet new people and learn about the history of many regions. Many of the people I met during these travels were also interested in learning about Myanmar, and through talking to them I developed a passion for teaching people around the world about the wonders, people, nature and history of my own country.

My decision to devote my time to travel research and planning is rooted in a merging of my love of history, my previous travels with my family, my desire to reveal the beauty of my country, and my experience planning numerous trips for friends and family. I strongly believe that travel is one of the best and most valuable ways for people to enrich their own lives. This conviction, combined with my love of research and detail, make the planning of personalised and precise trips my highest priority.

When talking about myself, I must also include some words about my husband and my lovely daughter, who provide support and inspiration for everything I do. They adore travelling and exploring – especially my daughter (Noo Noo), who is as passionate as I am about adventure and new experiences.

All of this has convinced me to finally settle in my home country with my family, delving into Myanmar’s wonders, from the biggest tourist attractions to the smallest cultural details. My husband is an especially big help – he loves the country and its people, and in his spare time he travels around the country with me and shares his thoughts.

I love to share my sense of adventure and wonder by creating unique and special journeys for each of my clients. I want everyone to see and love the country the same way I see and love it.

To ensure that I can accomplish this goal, I have gathered a team of dynamic Myanmar people who value the richness of our country and are dedicated to providing excellent service. We are committed to delivering a memorable, hassle-free travel experience by avoiding cookie-cutter itineraries and promoting travel at a leisurely pace that allows you to relax and truly enjoy your Myanmar experience.

As a customer of Myanmar Wonders, you will be given full assistance from our team as you plan a personalised trip that takes into account the time of year you wish to travel, your tastes and interests, and of course your budget. With our expertise, we can help you avoid wasting time and money, as well as avoid bad moments that can ruin a holiday. No effort will be spared to make sure that you see the best of Myanmar’s cultural and natural wonders and meet local people who will make your trip uncommon and exceptional.

Constant travel around Myanmar has also allowed me to research destinations, hotels and restaurants before recommending them to our clients. We are also careful to pick expert guides who possess local knowledge and who understand that every client has unique needs and preferences that must be taken into account. This way, if you choose to travel with Myanmar Wonders you can be assured that you will receive service of high standard and see only the best that Myanmar has to offer.

We understand that after you leave Myanmar you will return home and tell people about your holiday. With this in mind, we at Myanmar Wonders undertake to use all of our knowledge and experience to ensure that you go home with plenty of amazing stories with which to dazzle your friends and family.

We offer service from the heart, based on our love of travel and our enthusiasm for sharing this love with other people. We would like to thank you for taking the time to look over our website, and we wish you happy travels no matter what your destination may be.


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